Application Tool Kit For Architectural Window Tint Film Installation AR-T5

Application Tool Kit For Architectural Window Tint Film Installation AR-T5

$ 22.95

Great tools will help you achieve a better outcome faster and easier. Filmvantage Architectural Window Tint Film Application Tool Kit is what you need for your next window-tinting project. This kit includes the following:

(1) Concentrated Window Film Application Solution – Do you know it will takes about 16 ounce of solution to clean the window and install a 24 inch x 50 inch tint?  To create your window film application solution, mix 3/5tsp of this concentrated solution with 32oz of clean water.  This can mix up to 160oz of window film application solution.  This is not your household shampoo, it is a dyed free odorless neutral slip solution designed for window film installation.  Versus shampoo, this can reduce the risk of staining curtains, interior panels, and carpet, etc. 

(1) Blue Beveled Edge Squeegee w/ Super Grip Handle – This is a perfect squeegee to create the necessary firm overlapping stroke for removing solution in between the film and glass to achieve a bubble free installation.

(1) Glass Safe Cleaning Scrub Pad - These are safe for use on glass and the preferred method for preparing the surface of the glass for a window film application.

(1) Stainless Steel Knife w/ Snap Off Stainless Steel Blade – If you already have a similar knife, be sure to check if it has a stainless steel blade as non stainless steel blade will easily scratch or cut the glass.  This knife also features an integrated blade snap-off tool at the end.

(1) Firm Hard Card Squeegee – This is a great tool for guiding and spacing when trimming the window film along the edges of the window.  Wrap this squeegee with a paper towel and this becomes the perfect tool use to bump the window film edges dry.

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