Residential Window Film Catalog

Filmvantage Residential Home Window Film Catalog


Unlike other window treatment which only can be effective when close, our window film allows beautiful view and natural light continuous passing through your window while keeping you safe & comfortable. It also saves energy. Then pays for itself.


Filmvantage protect UV maintain beauty


Our window film reject up to 99 percent yearlong harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV) that penetrate glass.


 According to World Health Organization, UV can cause skin cancer & accelerates skin aging.


Skin Cancer Foundation Statistics also shows more new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year than new cases of breast, prostate, lung, & colon cancer combined and estimated 90 percent of skin aging is caused by the sun.


Filmvantage Energy Savings



Our window film influences how much energy you need to use to keep your home comfortable by managing the flow of heat penetrate in & out of the windows.



Our window film also influence up to 90% of color fading such as on your furniture, window trim, pictures, and flooring.



Filmvantage matters



Your investment will pays for itself in no time with better health, lower energy bills, and the needs of replacing faded interior.



The most beautiful part, your contribution to energy efficient in the community.





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