Magnificent UV Rejection Energy Efficient Residential Home Window Tint Film


Reduce up to 99% harmful UV rays

Reduce up to 82% total solar energy

Reduce interior fading and glare

Safe to use on single/double pane window2

Dry adhesive & low interior reflectivity

Can your windows, blinds, or shades provide daytime privacy, slow down furniture fading, reduce up to 82% of the sun’s heat, 99% harmful UV, and 93% annoying glare, all without needing to block out the window? Filmvantage window films can.

Imagine a cell phone screen protector, Filmvantage Magnificent window film, or “window tint” as it is sometimes known, is a thin multi-layered film made with precious metal designed to add benefits to your current windows. Once applied, it can keep everyone comfortable and safe while protecting the interior from fading. It is not expensive to start with and with the energy savings, the film can pays for itself.

The 3 betterments from Magnificent:

First, Magnificent uses dry adhesive instead of pressure sensitive adhesive. Pressure sensitive adhesive forms an immediate mechanical bond to glass once squeegee, like sticker and office tape. Dry adhesive are not sticky to touch but once activated by water, the adhesive will fill out the pores in the glass to form a strong bond after curing. The advantage of dry adhesive is you only need water for the installation solution, the adhesive is much stronger meaning the film will last longer, have a greater degree of optical clarity, and reduce the chance of attracting airborne particles during the install.

Second, Magnificent is a dual reflective film meaning the side facing the interior is specially coated making it less reflective so you can enjoy a better vision looking out the windows at night.


Third, the length of the warranty doubled to 10 year.

Filmvantage Magnificent window film is available in many shades, a range from slightly tinted which will only change the appearance of your windows slightly, and all the way to high reflective viewing from outside to enhance daytime privacy.

It is just a fraction of what blinds or shades cost. Installation is easy. This is the best selling dual reflective window film of all time.

Do you know harmful UV rays can penetrate glass, causing skin cancer and accelerated skin aging?

Do you know UV rays, visible light, and heat makes up of 90% cause of fading on furniture, flooring, and pictures?

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Available in:

  UV Rejection Total Solar Energy Rejection Glare Reduction Daytime Privacy
Magnificent 05 99% 82% 95% Excellent
Magnificent 35 99% 61% 69% Medium
Magnificent 50 99% 51% 59% None

1 Non-transferable

2 Excluding wired or textured glass, any glass which is visible damaged, chipped, cracked or pierced or where light can be seen between glass and frame; or on non-glass materials, such as polycarbonates or other plastics; or in locations in which there has been prior glass breakage; or on glass which is framed by concrete, solid metal or sealant which is no longer resilient; or any glass of 100 square feet or more or having any linear dimension (height, width, or diagonal) of more than 12 feet; or when damage occurs partly by reason of loss by any cause other than thermal shock fracture, including, but not limited to, impact, stress, scratching, improper application or installation, wind or the elements, earthquakes or other acts of God, fire, war, invasion, hostilities, rebellion, insurrection, wear and tear, inherent vice, pre-existing break, or latent defect; or when 25% of less of a glass lite is shaded and the shaded area includes more than 25% of the lite’s perimeter.