Heat Rejection Window Film

Apply on automotive, residential & commercial windows.

Window let in natural light as well as beautiful view, but are you experiencing:

Excessive glare,
Uncomfortable heat,
High energy cost,
Privacy or security concerns,
Fading furniture or floor,
and Harmful UV?

Are you aware applying window film to your existing windows will solved these problems? Filmvantage window film, unneeded to block out the window, it can increase daytime privacy, reduce up to 82% of the sun’s heat, 99% harmful UV, and 93% annoying glare.

This enhance everyone's comfort and safety while protecting the interior from fading. It is not expensive to start with and with the energy savings, this investment can pays for itself.


Delight Satisfaction

Filmvantage earned 24,000+ average 99.6% positive satisfaction rating. Also been rewarded with the Top Rated Seller Award for consecutive 8 years. It’s our honor to serve you and provide nothing less than excellent services.


Carbon Negative

Over the service life of Filmvantage window film, it can save lots of energy, meaning it can reduce thousand times more greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere than is used or created during its manufacture.


Our Role

2016 marks 3 consecutive years of record warmth for the globe. By taking action to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas pollution that warms our planet, we can reduce the risks we will face from future climate change.