Diamond UV Rejection Energy Efficient Residential Home Window Tint Film


Virtually clear, maximum natural light

Reduce up to 99% harmful UV rays

Reduce interior fading

Diamond window film will not alter the look of your window no matter if you view from inside, outside, daytime, or night time. This non-reflective virtually clear film will quietly filtering out 99% harmful UV rays. This is great for anyone wishes not to alter the look of the window and windows only need UV protection such as north and south facing windows.

Installation is easy. Your investment will pays for itself in no time with better health and the needs of replacing faded interior. 

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Available in:

Appearance Virtually Clear
Safe on Single/Double Pane Window2 Yes
Warranty1 5 Year


1 Non-transferable

2 Excluding wired or textured glass, any glass which is visible damaged, chipped, cracked or pierced or where light can be seen between glass and frame; or on non-glass materials, such as polycarbonates or other plastics; or in locations in which there has been prior glass breakage; or on glass which is framed by concrete, solid metal or sealant which is no longer resilient; or any glass of 100 square feet or more or having any linear dimension (height, width, or diagonal) of more than 12 feet; or when damage occurs partly by reason of loss by any cause other than thermal shock fracture, including, but not limited to, impact, stress, scratching, improper application or installation, wind or the elements, earthquakes or other acts of God, fire, war, invasion, hostilities, rebellion, insurrection, wear and tear, inherent vice, pre-existing break, or latent defect; or when 25% of less of a glass lite is shaded and the shaded area includes more than 25% of the lite’s perimeter.